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So she just did it.

Michi Juvan

Teen Mom | Mountain Lover | Early Riser

As an avid sports scientist, yoga therapist and mental trainer, I love to travel in nature. As a trainer and coach, it's particularly important to me to realistically and authentically exemplify numerous topics relating to physical and mental health. Exercise, yoga, meditation and especially alpine sports are as much an elixir of life for me as harmonious interaction is.

Every project, coaching and training is innovative and individually tailored to the needs of each customer. With empathy and support, I create projects, seminars and workshops together with my team and clients, which not only improve your body and attitude but also strengthen the holistic health of every participant. The purpose of the training sessions and workshops is to support people in such a way that they can react flexibly to the many demands of professional and private everyday life and integrate the topic of health in their daily lives with efficiency and enthusiasm. For me, the success of this work is reflected in the increased life satisfaction and in a positive and healthy attitude to your own body.


Workshops, Rahmenprogramme, Projekte und Incentives

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Michaela JUVAN, MAS
Herbertstraße 3

9020 Klagenfurt

0660 50 85 970


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